Migrating from a monolith to microservices

My team and I are in the process of migrating our existing monolithic codebase and breaking it up into small microservices. This can be a good choice or a bad choice for applications, all depending on the state of your business and availability of resources. To make this article more understandable, let’s create a fictional company that serves a Todo app and call it Todoly. When do microservices make sense? »

Why I started a new blog with Hugo, not WordPress

I decided to re-start my blogging to learn more about microservices and document my findings so I can help others with what I find out. If I’m lucky, people from the community can even help me as well. I chose Hugo over Wordpress, Medium or Blogger because I wanted to build a blog with a different type of technology. When Wordpress was new, I started building a blog with that (it’s long since dead now), and it was a pretty awesome experience. »